About Us

Friendly Easy Professional

The average car buyer, buys a car once every few years.

You can now leverage our massive buying power, where we provide a personalised service for each and every one of our hundreds of clients every year.

  • We will help you with your car selection so you can buy the right car for you.
  • We will set a competitive tender process for both New Cars  & Used Cars to find you the very best deal. You will get the absolute best car at the absolute best price.
  • We will deal with dependable National, Victorian and local Melbourne fleet and car dealership networks so you also receive peace of mind of your full statutory warranties.
  • It is easy to get underway, simply tell us what Car, Van or Ute you would like, if you have a trade-in and is finance or insurance required.
  • If you wish for Melbourne Car Brokers to then progress with a competitive tender on your behalf all it costs is from $195 for our Engagement Fee to get started.
  • When we receive your best price and if you wish to go to purchase, we will then secure your car and arrange for your payment and delivery, it’s that easy.
  • Remember we can also assist you with all your finance and insurance requirements.
  • Will you be looking for any aftermarket accessories like window tint, bull bars, tow bars, sound systems etc?  Melbourne Car Brokers can also arrange best pricing for you as well.
For important large purchases everyone understands the role of a Broker e.g. Stock Broker, Insurance Broker, Mortgage Broker.

For so many people the purchase of a motor vehicle will be one of their largest lifetime purchases.

It makes good sense to use a the buying and power a professional Car Broker to negotiate on your behalf so that you receive the best car at the best price.

Now you get to save big on your next car purchase while avoiding all of the hassle.

How it all works  

We are a licenced Motor Dealer, but we don’t sell cars. We are Car Brokers, which means we negotiate the purchase of New Cars and Used Cars on behalf of our clients.

We are buying experts specialising in finding the perfect car at the very best price for our clients.

We have access to a large range of National, Victorian and Melbourne car dealerships. With a huge buying power through the brokage of hundreds of cars deals every year we are able to assist our clients to not only find the best New Cars and Used Cars available, we are able to negotiate for them the very best prices.

We are often asked how we earn our money and that is a very good question. The simple answer is that the expenses of the sales process for the motor industry are huge. Just think about the huge overhead in running a sales team and to maintain compliance, training, administration, management etc.

When we negotiate your car purchase the vast majority of the sales process is removed for the car dealerships. The income normally paid to the actual salesperson is paid to us instead, so we don’t need to charge a sales fee to our clients. The dealership now also saves more money as they don’t require the normal sales infrastructure that includes training, accreditation, management, administration and so on. And this is where you, as our client save money. You pay our negotiated price direct to the dealership and they in turn can reduce the price of the sale significantly as their costs have also been significantly reduced. Everybody wins.

Melbourne Car Brokers also provides support and advice along the way with your trade-in, helping you with selecting the right car for you, provide financing options and aftermarket accessories, again at no charge.

Simple 3 Steps

Save Time - Save Money - Save Haggling
  1. Call or eMail to let us know what car you are looking for
  2. We will help you better understand all your options and find you the right Car at the best price
  3. We will arrange your purchase and organise delivery while you sit back and relax